About the

Pecan Plantation Woman's Club

Founded October 1978, the Pecan Plantation Woman’s Club is a non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian Club whose purpose is to promote fellowship among Pecan Plantation women and to use Club resources to support the community needs of the Pecan Plantation Owners Association (PPOA) and worthy charitable causes.


Third Thursday of the month

  • September through May, except December when Christmas Tour of Homes is held on the second Thursday, gathering at 9:30 a.m., meeting at 10:00 a.m. includes lunch and program.

  • June through August, summer casual “Chit Chat”, gathering at 10:30 a.m., meeting includes lunch, but no program.


Pecan Plantation Clubhouse Ballroom


Members are encouraged to attend monthly meetings, volunteer and participate in fundraising events. Fundraisers include monthly door prize raffles, annual Boot Scootin’ dinner and dance, bake sale, and Christmas Tour of Homes. Working together we are able to:

  • Fund scholarships for Hood County graduating women who plan to attend a trade school, vocational school, technical institute, or a two-year college.

  • Donate monies to Hood County 501c(3) charities.

  • Provide PPOA amenities for all Pecan Plantation residents to enjoy, including Christmas décor and lighting in Pecan.

Meet the

New Slate


President: Annelle Teal

bottom right

Vice-President: Carol Herrick

bottom left

Secretary: Charlotte Brooks

back left

Treasurer: Ellie Howe 

back right

Assistant Treasurer: Emma Laurel


Historian: Oneta Bergman

middle right 

Parliamentarian: Susan Crawford

middle left

Meet the


Boot Scootin’ Dinner Dance:

Kay Jones

Christmas Tour of Homes:

Rhonda Humphreys


Kathie Schoepf

Fashion Show:

Susan Potter


Robin Olszewski


Betty Milburn

Ways and Means:

Connie Brashier 




Restated Effective June 1, 2019



The club created by this Constitution is known as the Pecan Plantation Woman's Club (Club).  



The purpose of this non-profit, non-partisan and non-sectarian Club is to promote fellowship among Pecan Plantation women and to use Club resources to support the community needs of the Pecan Plantation Owners Association (PPOA) and worthy charitable causes.



The Fiscal Year for the Club is June 1 through May 31.



A.  Membership in the Club is open to all Pecan Plantation women and alumnae of the Club and will commence upon payment of annual dues.

  1. Alumnae – former PPWC members who currently do not reside in Pecan Plantation.

a. Rights and privileges: payment of annual dues, voting, voluntarily serve on PPWC Committees, responsible for all luncheon charges and event fees incurred, all other rights and privileges of PPWC membership except for those listed under excluded rights and privileges.

b. Excluded rights and privileges: hold office on the PPWC board, hold a directorship/chair, make motions.  

  1. Honorary Membership – an award bestowed on a non-resident woman who has had a significant impact on the PPWC organization.  Rights and privileges will be the same as  Alumnae except an honorary member will be exempt from payment of annual dues and voting. 

B.  Dues of the Club are determined by the Executive Board on an annual basis.

1.  Dues may be prepaid in April or May for the next Fiscal Year.

2.  Dues must be paid by the first Wednesday in August for members' names to be included in the annual Directory published and distributed in September.  Members joining after the first Wednesday in August, along with any membership data changes or corrections, will be included in an Addendum to the Directory to be published and distributed in February.

3.  Dues paid after January 31 will be reduced to three-quarters of the current dues.

4.  Prospective members may attend one meeting of the Club prior to payment of dues.

C.  Members of the Club will not receive money or other compensation for services provided for or within the Club.



A.  The Club will meet on a designated day each month of the Fiscal Year.

1.  Chit Chat luncheons are held in June, July, and August for social purposes.  Club business is not conducted during these meetings.

2.  Regular monthly meetings commence in September with the final meeting in May.

B.  Cost of meals will be determined on an annual basis.  A service fee will be charged to members who attend a meeting and choose not to eat.

C.   Members attending any regularly scheduled monthly meeting will constitute a quorum.



A.  The Club will have seven (7) Officers of the Board, consisting of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Historian, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Parliamentarian which constitute the Executive Committee of the Board.

B.  Officers serve for one year and are elected in March for the ensuing Fiscal Year by popular vote of the members.

1. Installation of the Officers will be performed in May prior to assuming office on June 1.

2. The outgoing President will serve as Parliamentarian.

3. The Vice-President may become President for the ensuing year.

C.  The Officers and the Directors of the Standing Committees will constitute the Board (BOD) and serve as the governing body of the Club with each position having one vote.

D.  When deemed necessary to expedite a business decision, the Executive Committee may perform a function of the BOD with a majority vote.

E.  Each Officer and Director will maintain a notebook listing the duties, responsibilities, and task-oriented timelines of the office and pass on to incoming Officers and Directors at the close of the Fiscal Year.




Each Officer will submit to the Treasurer a budget of income and expense for the ensuing Fiscal Year by the August BOD meeting.  

A.  President

1.  Preside at all Club and BOD meetings.

2.  Appoint a Director for each Standing Committee.

3.  Appoint an Auditing Committee in the May BOD meeting.

4.  Appoint a Bylaws Committee with the approval of the BOD when deemed necessary.

5.  Appoint a Nominating Committee at the November general meeting to select a slate of Officers for the following Fiscal Year.

6.  May call unscheduled meetings of the BOD when deemed necessary. 

7.  Shall be ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

B.  Vice President

1.  Assist the President in the performance of duties.

2.  Coordinate the publication of the Club's annual Directory.

3.  Serve on the Bylaws and Nominating Committees.

4.  Coordinate donations to charities, scholarships and to the community needs of PPOA.

5.  Update the Club Presidents Plaque annually.

6.  Purchase gift for the outgoing President.

C.  Secretary

1.  Take minutes of Executive BOD and General Club Member Meetings and to present them in writing for approval at the next appropriate meeting.  To make any changes as approved by the appropriate meeting before filing.

2.  Maintain permanent records including minutes of all Executive BOD and General Club meetings that are formally approved. 

3.  Handle all official correspondence on behalf of the Club as directed by the BOD and to maintain copies.

4.  Upon approval of documents to provide to the Historian. 

D.  Historian

     1.  Collect, create, and maintain, record(s) of all club events, memorabilia, and other information of historical nature primarily in digital format.  Digital records to be accessible by the Executive Committee of the Board.

2.  Research and provide historical findings as requested by the Board and / or Club Membership.

3.  In conjunction with the Secretary, once any club minutes are approved, to post into the historical electronic files.

4.  Is responsible for maintaining a physical repository of all non-digital Club Historical items.  Physical repository accessible by Executive Committee Members of the Board that maintains all items in a secure climate environment.

E.  Treasurer

1.  Coordinate annual budget requests and submit to BOD for approval by the September meeting.

2.  Receive and disburse all monies of the Club as directed by BOD.

3.  Submit a written financial report at each Club and BOD meeting.

4.  Retain at least a minimum balance as required by bank at the close of the Fiscal Year after paying all bills.

5.  Prepare and submit any required governmental reports on a timely basis.

6.  Maintain post office box rental.

F.  Assistant Treasurer

1.  Assist Treasurer in the performance of duties of Treasurer as specified under ARTICLE VII(D).

2.  Send a list of active members to the Membership Director and a list of new members to the BOD and Communications Committee Chairs one week before each monthly meeting.

3.  Collect dues and record all new membership information and/or membership data changes for the annual Directory and the mid-year Addendum.

4.  Distribute Directory Addenda to the membership at the February Club meeting.

G.  Parliamentarian

1.  Advise the Club on all parliamentary questions.

2.  Serve as Chair of the Bylaws Committee and the Nominating Committee.



A.  Hold regular scheduled meetings of the BOD.

B.  Conduct meetings with a majority of BOD voting members present.

C.  Conduct business of the Club.

D.  Review and approve a budget for the Club for the ensuing year.

E.  Interpret the Bylaws.



A.  Manage the functions of each respective Standing Committee and appoint Chairs per the BYLAWS STANDING RULE.

B.  Review and approve all purchases recommended by the Committee.

C.  Submit to the Treasurer a budget of income and expense for the Committee by the August BOD meeting.



The following Committees are established to perform permanent and continuing functions for the Club. The BOD may authorize the formation of additional Committees when deemed necessary.  Each Standing Committee will recruit its members for the ensuing Fiscal Year by June 1st.   


A.  Boot Scootin'

Plan and coordinate this general fund raising event. 

1.  Decorations/Menu

a.  Plan menu and table decorations for the event. 

b.  Manage the storage and maintenance of decorations.

c.  Establish a budget line for purchase of decorations and supplies.

2.  Raffle

Plan and coordinate the collection, presentation, and items gifted for raffle(s).

3.  Silent Auction

Plan and coordinate the collection, presentation, and sale of items gifted for silent auction.

B.  Christmas Tour of Homes

Plan and coordinate this fund raising event dedicated to the purchase and maintenance of Christmas decorations and other related expenses as needed.

1.  Tour of Homes

a.  Plan and coordinate the home tours.

b.  Plan menus and table decorations for the event.

2.  Santa's Workshop and Bakery

Plan and coordinate the collection, presentation, and sale of items gifted to Santa's Workshop by Club members.  

3.  Christmas Decorations

a.  Establish a specific plan for decorating each area of Pecan Plantation and review annually with PPOA management.

b.  Approve purchases of all decorations.

c.  Establish a budget line for annual purchase of decorations and supplies.

d.  Determine and replace depleted items on an annual basis as needed and funds allow.

e.  Manage the storage and maintenance of decorations.

C.  Communications

Coordinate and communicate Club events and happenings utilizing a variety of media.

1.  Cheer 

a.  Send get well, sympathy and thank you cards as necessary.

b.  Send a memorial gift to the immediate family of the deceased (spouse or children).

2.  Facebook

Maintain and update Facebook on timely basis.

3.  Photographer

Take pictures at all Club events to preserve Club history.

4.  Posters

     Create and display posters as needed.

5.  Publicity

Publicize meetings and all activities of the Club.

6.  Telephone

Communicate with members without email when necessary.

D. Fashion Show

Plan and coordinate fashion show programs. 

  1. Decorations/Menu

Plan and coordinate menus and decorations for fashion show programs.

  1. Merchant Coordinator

Plan and coordinate merchant participation and support.

3. Models Coordinator

Select models for the fashion shows. 

E.         Membership

            Coordinate membership and reservations.

         1.  Membership

a.  Welcome and register members and guests at monthly meetings.

b.  Prepare, disburse and collect name tags.

c.  Host coffee(s) for new members.

2.  Reservations

a.  Manage reservations including cancellations for  

      Club events.

b. Coordinate distribution of annual Directories to the membership at the September Club Meeting.

3. Hospitality

a.  Coordinate table hostesses for PPWC monthly meetings.

b.  Promote fellowship with new members. Encourage new members to attend PPWC meetings and get involved in the PPWC activities.

F.  Program 

Organize and coordinate monthly meetings of the Club.

  1. Chit Chat Luncheons 

Coordinate luncheons for June, July, and August, including menus and table decorations.

  1. Menu and Table Decorations

Plan and coordinate menu and table decorations with program theme for regular monthly meetings.

  1. Programs

Schedule and introduce programs for monthly meetings.

G.  Ways and Means    

Plan and coordinate general fund raising events.  

  1. Bake Sale 

 Plan and organize the collection, presentation, and sale of gifted items at the event.

2.  Door Prizes 

a.  Plan and coordinate with merchants and Club members for the collection of door prizes.

b. Manage the presentation of items at monthly meetings.


ARTICLE XI - Special Committees

Special committees are created for a special and temporary purpose.  Each committee is automatically dissolved when its final report is given.

A.  Audit Committee

1.  Appointed by the President at the May meeting.

2.  Composed of one Director serving as Chair, and two members at large.

3.  Audit the Treasurer's accounts at the close of the Fiscal Year and report to the BOD no later than the September BOD meeting.

B.  Bylaws Committee

1.  Appointed by the President with approval of the BOD.

2.  Composed of the Parliamentarian serving as Chair, the Vice President, and three members with approval of the BOD.

3.  Revise the Bylaws if deemed necessary.

4.  Present the revisions(s) in writing to the BOD for vote.

5.  Present to the general membership for vote as specified in ARTICLE XII.

C.  Nominating Committee

1.  Appointed by the President at the November general meeting.

2.  Composed of the Parliamentarian serving as Chair, the Vice President, and two members.

3.  Propose a slate of Officers, selected from the membership, which will consist of one candidate for each office, and present to the membership in February.

4.  Elect Officers in March at which time nominations may be made from the floor with prior approval from the nominee.



These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the members present at any regular or called meeting provided the proposed amendments are presented at a previous meeting.



These shall be subordinate to the Bylaws and/or Rules and Regulations of Pecan Plantation Country Club, and/or the Pecan Plantation Owners Association, Inc.



Robert's Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall govern all procedures of this Club not provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws.


Amended and Restated April 1, 2020, effective June 1, 2020.



Amended and Restated May 16. 2019, effective June 1, 2019.


1. In addition to the elected Officers and seven Directors, voting members of the BOD are:

  • One chair selected by each Director, for a total of 7; 

  • One Reservation Chair chosen by Membership Director; 

  • One Hospitality Chair chosen by Membership Director;

  • One Publicity Chair chosen by Communication Director; 

  • One Christmas Decoration Chair Chosen by Christmas Tour Director; 

  • One Santa’s Workshop and Bakery Chair Chosen by Christmas Tour Director; 

  • One Tour of Homes Chair chosen by Christmas Tour Director.

2. Each person will be considered one vote.